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Jul 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
return to the plot in how many anne mackovic tells us the motivation was to take what they say is theirs. >>> an awesome radical action >>> it is illegal >>> if you do not believe he may be subject to citation or arrest >>> makeshift farmers remain, their farming land owned by uc- berkeley the gill tract where scientists do research this group has other ideas occupying the farm the broken through a fence this morning. >>> we feel strongly this needs to be preserved as agricultural land >>> the occupiers to go over the track this spring planting vegetables and plan to donate them to local food banks and police kick them out in may. today there back to attend the crops. >>> there's all kinds of wild things growing in between our crops we're making sure they continue to thrive. >>> the one to build a center for sustainable agriculture but today the only pet what is available for harvest police stood by. some of the makeshift farmers or hear from the beginning others are new to the cause. >>> anytime we can get closer to a revolution for the working cause i'm sure >>> we are totally nonviole
Jul 14, 2012 6:30pm PDT
back its department lisa washington shows us some want the state to stay on the job >>> their petitions in half moon bay to recall three board members of the fire protection district. >>> they're trying to rebuild the fire department from the ground up it would be a huge task >>> he started the petitions he believes the board members voted to establish a locally controlled fire department make the wrong decision. >>> we had our own fire departments and they were an embarrassment there were lawsuits and acrimony a lot of craziness >>> we go forward will learn from our mistakes >>> he was not on the board cal fire employees operate the fire stations and the stations and equipment owned by the coast side disparate the board voted not to renew the contract with cal fire that expires next june. >>> this is what is best for the coast side >>> mixed reactions >>> the community has embraced cal fire these directors are doing is implementing their own vision of what they think coast side fire service should look like >>> and i used to work for half bay fire, when cal fire got here i le
Jul 21, 2012 6:30pm PDT
to remember how dangerous this job is for each of us you never know what will happen >>> today marks the five-year anniversary these firefighters remember their comrades every day on every call and on all fire units a memorial for burden and desmond >>> bravery and courage and call to duty on their forever. >>> my brother was salt of the earth is lifelong goal was to help people and by the hero a comforting thought to me. >>> juliette goodrich cbs 5 >>> looking for help in getting her what happens when self-help exercise went wrong and may be repeated in the future. this system is packed this may come as a surprise how bart is becoming more bike friendly. >>> the weather warmer today in the bay area temperatures warm 10 degrees in and they are still in the '90s in concord and santa rosa. will tell you if we had record highs we look at dublin,,,,,,,,, >>> both presidential candidates expected to attend fund-raisers in the bay area this week mitt romney attends a lunch at a private home in woodside and tomorrow, silicon valley executives expected to attend. romney will attend to
Jul 28, 2012 6:30pm PDT
>>> they're not cooperative with us at all they did not answer questions and write highly intoxicated we hope it once they become silbert they will be more cooperative and tell us what happened >>> c h p where not able to interview of passengers officer said after the accident some passengers got off the bus and ran away. the second woman in the argument was 20 years old under the legal drinking age c h p did not know in it there were under age drinkers on the bus but that is part of the investigation. >>> it could have involved the driver of they could have soared ever body on the bus could have been killed >>> and assemblyman jerry held has proposed legislation to put restrictions on party bosses. >>> these are vehicles designed for alcohol and that is what goes on the there needs to be something to control and >>> so far no charges have been filed. lisa washington cbs 5 >>> san jose police have set up a fund to help three children whose parents were killed in a double murder police on the suspect's vehicle husband and wife were found shot to death in their home early monday morning
Jun 30, 2012 6:30pm PDT
mackovic shows us what gave them all. >>> most people don't have insurance because the man jobs >>> this health and child-care in oakland and to remedy both. >>> i go through the screening for the diabetes and high blood pressure if you don't have your help ya don't have nothing >>> the supreme court approval of the new health-care law did so to those of the dramatic come to st. health-care screenings >>> this will help bring those outside the system back into the health care system >>> that is once the understand the new rules. >>> most feel the man's dream path to tear it is not available to them >>> they pay co-payments and skyrocketing and they paid huge enormous bills >>> the fare is nine just about health care it is about finding employment because the two go hand in hand. >>> it cannot help the you can't go to work in the morning so mentally you have to have the mindset that i am doing good and feeling good so i can get up in the morning and go to work >>> i'm not sure at this moment but hopefully i can get insurance >>> in oakland anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> you can find at with the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5